Justin Freedman

Justin Freedman, from E Sciences, is an experienced environmental professional serving public and private clients throughout Florida. He provides expertise in urban forestry, arboriculture, environmental permitting for transportation related services and manages complex, multidisciplinary projects that include a variety of environmental and engineering related tasks. Mr. Freedman has played a significant role in urban forestry in Florida. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Florida Urban Forestry Council and has presented on a variety of arborist and urban forestry related topics. Mr. Freedman’s arborist and urban forestry consulting services include arborist assessments, tree risk assessments, expert witness services, tree inventories, canopy studies, plan review, tree removal permitting, tree and landscape appraisals, landscape design, landscape inspection and landscape CEI. Mr. Freedman has also conducted numerous studies related to climate change and sea level rise and was involved with the preparation of the Broward County Climate Change Action Plan. Mr. Freedman has been providing consulting services to the FDOT for more than a decade and manages a variety of transportation-related contracts and projects that include NEPA documentation and maintenance monitoring for dozens of FDOT constructed sites.


New Sidewalks and Existing Trees