Safe Systems Approach to Intersection Planning and Design

6/4/2019 - 9:30am-10:20am

The Safe System approach relates well to Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) and Performance Based Practical Design two topics previously presented on at the Symposium. This FHWA research project will develop a framework and offer additional mechanisms for planners and designers to advance safety. A Safe System approach to intersection planning and design is a natural extension of ICE and brings the management of crash kinetic energy into how transportation agencies consider, analyze, and make decisions during project development. Safe System approaches are also natural extensions of the already evolving performance-based program management and project development processes seeking to quantify safety performance of existing conditions and then design up improvements to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes. Within a Safe System framework, design and operational strategies that significantly reduce the chances of fatalities and severe injuries are emphasized.


Mark Doctor


2019 Symposium - Doctor - Safe Systems.pdf