Planning for Trees and Tree Maintenance on FDOT Roadways

6/3/2019 - 3:00pm-3:50pm

Our State of Florida has a unique geological history that has provided the ‘parent material’ for soils that relate to our native plant palette that is most adapted to the specific ecology of the State. Trees in particular have cultural ‘connection’ to each of us as residents of the State. As we endeavor to better understand ‘Our State’ we become better acquainted with the trees in our environment. Alternative Design approaches using ‘naturalistic’ arrangements of plants can lead to ‘lower’ maintenance thresholds for our roadway landscapes. Being mindful of the structure of root systems for each individual species of tree results in development of improved design solutions. As we move forward with Context Sensitive Design and Complete Streets trees are a critical element of successful design solutions.


Darryl Richard


2019 Symposium - Richard - PlanningTree.pdf