FDOT Statewide Non-Motorized Traffic Monitoring Program

6/3/2019 - 1:00pm-1:50pm

The session will introduce the audience to the FDOT Statewide Non-Motorized Traffic Monitoring Program. The Florida Department of Transportation Office of Transportation Data and Analytics (TDA) began the development of a Non-Motorized Traffic Counting Program in May 2018 with a need to provide bicycle and pedestrian (non-motorized) volume and supporting statistics and information to new and existing data customers. The purpose of developing the non-motorized data program is similar to motorized traffic volume data in that non-motorized data can be used for all the same type of analyses such as safety studies, planning and programming FDOT facilities, pavement and trail maintenance, etc. Moving forward, the program will be divided into four main components. Combined, the four components will make-up a robust statewide non-motorized traffic monitoring program that will (1) collect continuous count data, (2) collect short-term count data, establish data sharing relationships with local agencies to (3) establish a statewide repository and (4) provide on-going statewide training and technical assistance to any entity either actively involved in non-motorized traffic monitoring or has the desire to begin non-motorized traffic monitoring in the near future.


Eric Katz


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