Transportation Symposium 2022

Past Webinars

Date Time Presentation (Hover for details) Instructor(s) Link
5/3/2022 9:00 AM Strategic Highway Safety Plan Brenda Young and Mark Doctor (FHWA) Presentation
5/10/2022 9:00 AM Speed Management Part 1 DeWayne Carver and Lori Trebitz Presentation
5/17/2022 9:00 AM Speed Management Part 2 DeWayne Carver and Lori Trebitz Presentation
5/31/2022 9:00 AM ADA for Design, Construction, and Maintenance Brad Bradley Presentation
6/2/2022 9:00 AM 2022 Florida Greenbook - What's New! Mary Anne Koos Presentation
6/9/2022 9:00 AM Expanding Education Efforts Brenda Young Presentation
6/14/2022 9:00 AM CADD Delivery; including BIM files for Earthwork John Mark Palacios Presentation
6/23/2022 9:00 AM Wrong Way Driving - Targeted Countermeasures Edith Wong, Raj Ponnaluri, and Gail Holley Presentation
7/7/2022 9:00 AM Crash Data Rupert Giroux, Ben Jacobs, and Brenda Young Presentation
7/14/2022 9:00 AM Planning for Safety Raj Shanmugam and Geysa Sosa Presentation
7/19/2022 9:00 AM Contamination Mike Pennington Presentation
7/26/2022 9:00 AM Application of Safety while Lane Repurposing Raj Shanmugam and Chon Wong Presentation
8/2/2022 9:00 AM Creating a Safety Culture: District Safety Administrators Kathrine Kehres, Loreen Bobo, Ping Hsu, Ryan Asmus, Keith Robbins, and Nicole Mills Presentation
8/4/2022 9:00 AM OpenRoads Designer Plan Label Automation Tools Chris Thorp and Todd Holt Presentation
8/9/2022 9:00 AM Major Project Requirements Diane Flowers, Bobby Bull, and Robert Quigley Presentation
8/11/2022 9:00 AM Target Zero: Monitoring Safety Performance Brenda Young, Emmeth Duran, and Xie Yujing Presentation
8/18/2022 9:00 AM Building Custom Drainage Features in OpenRoads Designer James Worley Presentation
8/25/2022 9:00 AM FDM Shared Use Paths Tiffany Gehrke Presentation
8/30/2022 9:00 AM Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Initiatives Alan El-Urfali and Mariano Amicarelli Presentation
9/13/2022 9:00 AM FDOT's Resilience Action Plan Mary Jane Hayden and Jennifer Carver Presentation
9/15/2022 9:00 AM Product Evaluation and the Approved Products List (APL) for Designers Karen Byram Presentation
9/22/2022 9:00 AM Bridge Pier Protection Ben Goldsberry and Derwood Sheppard Presentation
10/13/2022 9:00 AM Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Networks Tiffany Gehrke Presentation
10/20/2022 9:00 AM GFRP Reinforced Concrete Design for Pile Bent Caps Steven Nolan Presentation
10/25/2022 9:00 AM Safe Mobility for Life Gail Holley and Mariano Amicarelli Presentation
10/27/2022 9:00 AM Automated Bridge Quantities Kandi Daffin Presentation
11/1/2022 12:00 AM SWS - Design & Preconstruction - BABA impacts from FDM, Specifications, and APL Karen Byram and Melissa Hollis Presentation
11/8/2022 9:00 AM FDOTConnect - Plan Set Manager Matt Sexton Presentation
11/15/2022 9:00 AM WATERSS Catherine Bradley Presentation
11/17/2022 9:00 AM ICE Update and Safe System Approach Dibakar Saha Presentation
11/29/2022 9:00 AM Lane Repurposing Gina Bonyani Presentation
12/1/2022 9:00 AM Cultural Resources: Phase III Archaeological Data Recovery Lindsay Rothrock, Cathy Owen, Doug Zang, Jim Pepe, and Frank Keel Presentation
12/6/2022 9:00 AM External Tendons Development for PT Bridges Teddy Theryo Presentation
12/8/2022 9:00 AM Traffic Engineering Manual Dana Knox and Mariano Amicarelli Presentation
12/13/2022 12:00 AM Motorcycle Safety in Florida Edie Peters and James Landini Presentation
12/15/2022 9:00 AM SWS - Model-centric Plans Production Paul Hiers Presentation