Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I forgot to register before the symposium. Where do I go to register onsite?

Q: I’m substituting for somebody else who has already registered. Where do I go to check-in for the symposium?

A: All onsite registrations and substitutions must wait in an additional line to register before then going to check-in.

Note: you can attend sessions before you register/check-in, but you MUST be registered and checked-in to submit classes for CEU credit.

Q: In the past I’ve always reported the classes I attended at the Symposium/Expo on a paper sheet that was turned in before I left the symposium/expo. Where is that?

A: All CEUs will be distributed online. You must be checked into the Symposium before June 5 by 12:00pm to be eligible to receive a certificate. If you have a badge then you are checked in.

A: You will select the classes that you attended and a certificate will be generated electronically on the spot. This can be used on a smartphone or a computer (any device that has an active internet connection with a browser). Visit to submit your classes and receive your CEU certificate.

Q: How much will parking cost? Is there any way to accelerate processing of payment?

A: Parking will work very similar to last year’s symposium. $10 per entry (not per day). It will be managed by the hotel’s vendor just like last year. Parking passes may be pre-purchased throughout the symposium at the parking table.

Q: I see 2 different lunch breaks on the agenda for the symposium. Where will lunch be served?

A: There are 2 different lunch breaks. You can attend either break, or both, or neither, it’s up to you. Lunch will be available for purchase in the Florida Ballroom and onsite restaurants with special event menus.

Q: What about free WIFI? What about free cookies? What about other freebies that I’m used to from most conferences?

A: The FDOT Transportation Symposium prides itself on minimizing the cost to you, the Florida taxpayer. FDOT cannot pay for non-essential items such as cookies, coffee, and WIFI.

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